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Saying goodbye

Hello all ... thank you so much for continuing to find, review, and recommend my stories! It really has meant an awful lot to me over the years, and I'm very grateful for the experience I've gotten in the fan community, and also for the great friends I've made.

Most of these stories date back ten years or more, and unfortunately due to some complications I find that I need to take down most of the ones that are labeled as "adult". Maybe some time in the future I'll be able to re-post, but for now, it's the right thing to do. So if you find that you're not able to locate a story that you're looking for, please email me at juliefortune@gmail.com, and I will make it available to you.

-- Rox

Birthday Fic Party for Ter

So today, I opened my email, and my Birthday Reminder application reminded me that in one week, on the 12th, our beloved Ter Matthies ter369 would have celebrated a birthday. Ter passed away last year, and I miss her every day, and this hit me with a fresh wave of loss.


In honor of Ter, I invite you to Ter's Birthday Fic Party. Ter's favorite fandom was HP, so I'll be writing a Harry Potter fanfic in honor of the occasion, which I'll post next Monday.

I encourage those of you who knew (and no doubt loved) Ter to join me. Let's celebrate the way Ter would have liked ... with great stories. It will make her smile down from heaven.

All you need to do is post a fic on your own LJ or website or around the 12th, and link to it here in the comments. I'll do the same for my story.

No rules.

Just fun.

-- Julie

Officially ... I'm idling this LJ


I'm just overwhelmed with too much to do, and not enough time to do it, so I've archived as much of my fanfic as I can find out on my new Julie Fortune website.

Click here to go to the new website!

I'm still tinkering with the site, and hopefully I will able to add more content as things ease up a little, but here's the back archive of fic for the past, um, ten years?



To all my LJ friends, thank you so much. I adore you guys, and I'm sorry to be stepping back, but please visit me over at my rachelcaine other livejournal!

-- Julie

Highlander Fanfic: A Matter of Faith

Highlander Fanfic: A Matter of Faith

Summary: In 1794, Darius wakes with a vision of his on death on the guillotine. He has a choice -- run for his life, or believe that even this can become a miracle.
Disclaimer: The fine folks who created Highlander still own all this. Yay!
Warnings: Angst, a bit. It's the French Revolution, so -- beheadings.


The storm of hate in the Place de la Grève was familiar to Darius. In the year 32 B.C., he had visited the circuses of Rome and seen the mobs scream for blood. Those ancient faces, these faces of 1794—the only difference was that the Rome of those days had been beautiful, and this Paris stank of squalor. He held fast to a wooden slat as his tumbril rolled slowly toward the rising shadow of the guillotine, and tried to bring his mind to order.Collapse )

I've always been fond of this story; I have a fascination with stories set in the French Revolution, and somehow, this just felt ... like Darius. I hope you enjoy it.

Highlander Fanfic: Refuge (Part 2)

Highlander Fanfic: Refuge (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 ...Collapse )

This is the first (and the earliest) of my Highlander stories. I'll be posting one a day, so I think it's going to be a whole week or so of Methos!

Not a bad thing, at least for me ...

-- J.

Highlander Fanfic: Refuge (Part 1)

Highlander Fanfic: Refuge (Part 1)

Summary: Following Darius's death, Methos comes face to face with one of his darkest memories -- and an enemy who won't forgive, and can't forget.
Disclaimer: I love Highlander, especially Methos, but I don't own them. I'm borrowing.
Warnings: Violence and angsty angst.


Methos sat cross-legged on the grass, face uptilted to the spring sun. The garden of St. Joseph’s had been his favorite place to meditate for decades, since he’d helped Father Darius till the ground and plant the first rose bushes. He still had the eerie feeling that the priest would be walking out of the sacristy door any moment; from time to time the memory of Darius’ laughter stabbed him to the heart and built tears in his eyes. It was hard to let go, after so many thousands of years.Collapse )

... continued in Part 2! ...

Invisible Man Fanfic: Fool Me Once

Diverting from my headlong rush to get fic archived (sorry, friends list, I'm abusing you terribly) to give you a vid rec.

littleheaven70 is an absolute genius. I've adored her videos for years, and they just get better and better. Her latest is a Buffy/Spike video, "What If I Come Knocking?", and it ate my heart. It's really, really great. (Also, if you haven't made the rounds of her video area on her site, check out her excellent Angel, Stargate, and Firefly vids as well.)

Link to the vid!

I am lucky indeed to know such awesomely talented people.

And littleheaven70? Rock on, girlfriend. HAKA!

-- Julie


Invisible Man/X-Files Fanfic: Three The Hard Way (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 ...Collapse )

Crossovers generally aren't my thing, but heck, it seemed like such a fun idea that I had to give it a shot. Outcast agents unite!